Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering

The EE Project Contest  2000
In memory of Yehoraz Kasher.

Final stage of the contest:

More snapshots from the final contest

First stage: Winning projects of the different labs:
         (As chosen by the academic staff of the different laboratories)

Students: Nir Weisberg, Shlomi Sagi
Supervisor: Dr. Doron Shaked
Subject: Shape indexing by dynamic programming


Students: Yaniv Shaked, Arthur L. Cole
Supervisor: Ronen Mayrench
Subject: Implementation of a MELP based Vocoder for 1200/2400 bps

Students: E. Burlak
Supervisor: D. Arad
Subject: Local network between hardware devices

Students: Itay Glick, Amit Blay
Supervisor: Youval Nahum
Subject: MATRIX - Network Game in JAVA

Students: Alex Falkovich, Alex Dubov
Subject: Miniature Turbojet Engine

Students: Ronit Amir, Orna Zucker
Supervisor: Elad Yomtov
Subject: Biofeedback based on EEG signals

Students: Naseeb Khair, Nadav Ron
Supervisor: Avner Elia
Subject: Hardware Implementation of IFAPT algorithm for tracing amplitude, frequency and angle

Students: Raanan Zacher, Raz Kivelevich-Carmi
Supervisor: Dr. Rakefet Kol
Subject: Asynchronous RISC Processor

Students: Udi Weinsberg, Liron Elmaleh
Supervisor: Yaron Weinsberg, Issy Ben-Shaul, Dr. Ilana David
Subject: FarCOM - Mobile Objects over DCOM


Second stage of the contest:

All 9 projects were reviewed by the contest commitee.
4 projects were chosen as final candidates for the awards.

This year's commitee members:

Prof. David Malah, Chairman and academic supervisor of undergraduate projects.
Dr. Moshe Horowitz
Dr. Micha Werner
Eng. Yoram Or Chen
Eng. Johanan Erez, Secretary