The EE Project Contest  2003
In memory of Yehoraz Kasher.
Final Stage of Contest


1st place:
Yaniv Stern & Ori Modai
Supervising:  Yoram Yihyie

Computer Networks Lab

"DDOS - Distributed Denial of Service"

2nd places:
Guy Derie & Gil Vaechman
Supervising:  Isaskhar Volter

High Speed Digital Systems Lab 

"Versatile & reliable satilate computer"

 Limor Goldenberg & Eldad Klaiman
Supervising:  Michael & Alexander Bronstein
Vision  & Image Sciences Lab 
"Blind Separation of Sources in functional MRI sequences"
Itai Natan & Dorit Bares 
Supervising:  Arie Oster

VLSI Laboratory 

"The Design and Implementation of an ASIC for the Generation
of Encryption Keys"


Award of Merit:
Gideon Porat
Supervising:  Dr. Izhar Livner

Signal & Image Processing Laboratory

"Voice Morphing"

Oren Zalzman & Guy Levit
Supervising:  Ishay Menashe
Control & Robotics Laboratory
"Backgammon project"
Nir Adar & Rotem Grosman
Supervising:  Zion Gal
Software Systems Laboratory
"VAX11 Asembler & simulator"
Ofer Sadka
Supervising:  Guy Caspary

Vision  & Image Sciences Lab 

"Identification and Characterization of Sea Surface and Objects on Sea Surface in a Video Sequence"

Snapshots from the final contest

Dr. Micha Werner
Prof. Nir Tessler
Prof. Ron Meir
Eng. Yoram Or Chen
Eng. Nimrod Peleg , Coordinator