Projects: A, B (044167,044169) , and Special Project (044170)


Projects in the EE department combine both theoretical knowledge, gained by the students during their studies, and application work to prepare the students for the industry.

Usually, students perform projects on their 5th to 8th semester, depending on the prerequisites they have and the areas of specialization they choose. 

Projects A and B are mandatory, while the Special Project is elective.  

The students work in groups of two. They can choose a subject in one of 15 project laboratories, in various fields. (To get the list of lab's click here)

 Each lab has its own prerequisites and requirements. Some projects are defined as 'dual-semester' projects, i.e. they are defined for two semesters and students are required to register to two projects (A+B, or B+Special) in successive semesters.

The supervisors for the projects are usually graduate students who study for M.Sc or D.Sc degrees in the department (or in other related departments) or, in some cases staff members. External supervisors are sometime involved as well, to support areas they specialize in.

Some labs work in cooperation with industry, usually high-tech companies, who wish to gain knowledge from research done by staff and students.

Many successful projects were done that way during the last years, and many of those companies continue to suggest subjects for projects almost every semester.

Space and equipment in the laboratories may be limited and priority is given to students who are in good academic standing.


Note: Each Project course may be taken only once.