Industrial Project (044173)

An Industrial project is a double-semester project, which can be requested by a student, after receiving the approval of the company where this student works.

This project is equal to performing Project B (044169) + Special Project (044170), following Project A , and is credited by 8.0 points.

The definition of such a project should be done in collaboration between the supervisor appointed by the company, the projects coordinator in the EE department, and a supervisor from the department.

The project will be approved upon the fulfillment of the following:

1. Suitable academic level and scope.

2. Justification for performing the project in industry.

3. The project's supervisor appointed by the company is not the direct supervisor of the student  in the company.

4. The faculty will appoint a supervisor who will escort the project.

5. The project is performed by a single student.


The approval of "Industrial Project" is done after severe checking and consideration, and the number of students that are permitted to do it is limited by the supervision ability of the faculty engineers involved. Today, 8-10 projects a year are approved in this realm.